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Doctor of Nursing Practice – Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical nurse specialists (CNS) are advanced practice nurses who serve as clinical/program leaders, educators, case managers and patient advocates in many types of clinical practice settings. Clinical nurse specialist programs currently include:

Adult-Gerontology Critical Care: The Adult-Gerontology Critical Care CNS program prepares the graduate to function as change agent, collaborator, clinical leader, educator, case manager, and patient advocate in adult critical care and adult acute care settings.

Adult-Gerontology: The Adult-Gerontology CNS program focuses on nursing leadership, consultation and participation in multidisciplinary clinical programs for adults and older adults in a variety of settings. Graduates are qualified to sit for the adult-gerontology CNS certification exam.

*Neonatal: The Neonatal CNS integrates care of the neonate across the continuum of care and through three spheres of influence: direct patient/client care, nurses and nursing practice, and systems and organizations.

*Pediatric: The Pediatric CNS program prepares graduates to provide leadership and patient/case management in the care of children with acute and chronic conditions in a variety of settings.

*These programs are offered online.

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